Foundry Sand Caster

Job Description

Day Shift

1) Fills mold with mixed material or applies material to mold to specified thickness.
2) Molds parts or products using vibrator, handpress, or casting equipment and taps or tilts mold to ensure uniformity.
3) Operates and adjusts controls of heating equipment to melt material or to cure, dry or bake filled molds according to specifications.
4) Opens mold and removes finished products.
5) Measures ingredients and mixes molding or casting material or sealing compound, to prescribed consistency according to formula.
6) Assembles, inserts and adjusts wires, tubes, cores, fittings, rods, or patterns into mold, using hand tools and depth gauge.
7) Removes excess material and levels and smoothes wet mold mixture.
8) Loads or stacks filled molds in oven, drier, or curing box, or on storage racks or carts.
9) Reads work order or examines part to determine part or section of product to be produced.
10) Selects size and type of mold according to instructions.
11) Installs and secures mold or mold parts together.
12) Brushes or sprays surface of mold with parting agent or inserts paper to ensure smoothness and prevent sticking or seepage.
13) Measures and cuts product to specified dimensions, using measuring and cutting instruments.
14) Aligns and assembles parts to produce completed product, using gauges and hand tools.
15) Inspects and tests parts or products for defects and to verify accuracy and adherence to standards.
16) Fastens metal inserts, such as drainage tubes, bolts, or electrical connections to product, using hand tools and power tools.
17) Cleans, trims, smoothes, and polishes products or parts.
18) Cleans and lubricates mold and mold parts.
19) Engraves or stamps identifying symbols, letters or numbers on product.

Company Description
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